February 9, 2020

Cover for The Complete SSU Box Set

​I’m ​testing a new feature on my website. If you go to the page for The SSU Complete Box Set, you’ll see a new button Buy Direct from Vanessa. Clicking on this button takes you to the book’s sales page at my payment processor, Payhip.

I’m trying the Buy Direct option for this particular box set because it’s not available on Kindle or Google Play due to those retailers paying lower royalties for higher priced ebooks such as this bundle. Eventually, I’m hoping to offer all my ebooks for direct sale in addition to having them available through the usual retailers. That way, should the various ebook retailers close down or drastically cut royalty rates, ​you can still buy my books.

​Buying direct is financially better for me, since each retailer takes a cut of the royalties. However, it does mean that​ in order to get ​this ebook, you have to be comfortable downloading the ebook file and then transferring it onto ​your ebook reader or into ​your ebook reading app. ​If you're not familiar with this process, or not comfortable with this, I’ve also teamed up with BookFunnel.

The way the process works is that Payhip will provide a download option during checkout and follow-up with an email containing the download link. You'll also get an email from BookFunnel with the option to download the purchased book from BookFunnel instead. This BookFunnel download option comes at no additional cost to you. I​n fact, the receipt from Payhip ​tell you that BookFunnel will be sending a second download link.

BookFunnel has top-notch customer service and is highly experienced in talking readers who are new to this process through the download and transfer process. ​If you want to buy direct but are uncertain on how to get a direct purchase into ​your preferred reading app or reader, I suggest waiting for the BookFunnel email. They make it super easy.

If you’re interested in buying my other books directly from me and have a preference as to which ones I should consider uploading next, please let me know in the comments below. ​


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