November 14, 2018

Here's what I've been researching this week for WAR: Retaliation, Book Four in my WAR series.

Men's wigs 

I wanted to have my hero be in disguise, with his hair temporarily dyed. However, my hairdresser explained that there really is no such thing as temporary hair dye. Uh-oh. So I had to discard the scenario I originally wrote, where my hero darkened his hair color, then returned to his normal color after a few washings. Instead, she suggested a wig.

Now, I've never had a hero wear a wig before. So of course I had to do some research. Here’s the page I ended up on: ​Men's Wigs at the Best Wig Outlet

And here's a screenshot I took of some of the wigs I've been considering:

Wigs from the Best Wig Outlet website

No, I'm not going to tell you which wig I'm giving my hero. You'll have to read the book to find out! But let’s just say that none of these would be an attractive look for him. Which is perfect, because it's supposed to be a disguise. LOL


In the scenes I've been editing, men from a couple different West African countries gather for a business meeting. I know that a lot of West Africans wear western style business suits, but these men have a reason to make a cultural statement. So I want them to wear formal traditional clothing. Which naturally led me to research men's fashions in West Africa.

Here's a screenshot from the African Clothes and Imports website of outfits I decided were appropriate for my story. Note, the man in my story who's wearing something similar is much older.

Image of three full length men's dashikis

So that's what I've been researching this week. Men's fashion. Who'd have thought that writing a thriller would require fashion research? 😀

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