July 25, 2023

Today, unexpected thunderstorms derailed my daily walk. So, since I still wanted to work out, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for months.

I pulled out an old Kathy Smith step aerobic DVD. Over the winter, I bought a Reebok step platform, but didn’t use it due to health issues.

I was a bit worried that my external DVD player for my computer wouldn’t play the DVD, as I’ve had some issues with certain DVD formats. But this played like a dream.

To my chagrin, I got out of sync with the routine several times. The step platform, even at the lowest level, was slightly too high for me. It took longer for me to get into position as a result. And man, I knew my walks and my back/neck/shoulder exercises weren’t doing enough for my cardio fitness, but I hadn’t realized just how far out of shape I’d fallen! And I never thought I’d miss the three flights of steep stairs at my old office. LOL

I made it through the warmup and beginner workout, then went off to do my own, back-friendly stretches. After I’d sufficiently cooled down, I put the Reebok step back under the dining table where it’s the perfect height for a foot rest. 

Photo of a black Reebok step platform with red accents sitting under a light colored wood dining table.

Perfect height for under the table. Too high for aerobics right now.

Before my next workout, I’m going to order the original Step platform, which is two inches lower at the base level. Hopefully, the lower height will help me keep up with Kathy and her team.

Overall, though, I had a blast. I forgot how much fun I find aerobics!

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