May 10, 2021

I recently decided to put the covers for my WAR series back to the originals.

These are the newer covers. I was aiming for more of an action adventure, thriller feel. But I had my cover designer add both a man and a woman to indicate that there's a romance.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Here are the original covers.

Cover of WAR: Disruption. In the foreground, a man in a dark t-shirt is holding a rifle across his chest. The rifle is pointed up and to the right. Behind him is an acacia tree against an orange sky.

Book 1

Cover of WAR: Intrusion. In the foreground, a man in a dark t-shirt is holding a gun two-handed and pointing it to the right. Behind him, a white SUV with its lights on is driving toward him down a sand dune.

Book 2

Cover of WAR: Opposition. In the foreground, a man wearing military camo pants, a sleeveless protective vest, and dog tags. He's holding a gun two-handed, pointing the weapon toward the ground. A helicopter is landing behind him.

Book 3

Book 4

One of the reasons I decided to change these is because some of the retailers became stricter regarding whether they'd allow you to advertise a book with a weapon. I also felt these had a more romantic suspense vibe. Since I'd decided to try to attract readers of action adventure and mainstream thrillers, I had the new covers made.

However, sales aren't good for this series. So for now, I'm reverting to the original covers.

I would love to have an entirely new set of covers done. I've been thinking that future covers won't have any people at all, because I hate searching through the stock photo sites trying to find acceptable images of people that my cover designer can use. And I'm not entirely happy with the silhouette people my cover designer found for the newer covers.

Since I don't have the budget right now to have a third set of covers made, I'm hoping that the original covers will bring in a few more sales.

Only time will tell.

What do you think? Which set of covers do you prefer?

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