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The SSU Series Complete Box Set (The Surgical Strike Unit)


Get the entire series in one volume!

Six action-packed stories of betrayal, revenge...and love

Welcome to the world of The Surgical Strike Unit (SSU), a privately run special operations group. The SSU was founded by Ryker, a Vietnam veteran, to handle the national security jobs that the government couldn't—or wouldn't—do...

A government program attempted to turn men into superhuman soldiers and spies.

Those who survived were barely human.

Now key players want to revive the program, using the data contained on a stolen microchip.

If the SSU doesn’t stop them, a new wave of unstable and deadly soldiers will be unleashed on the world.

The books included in this volume are:


Scarred by a tragic past, one woman will do anything to exact vengeance...

Former art history student Jenna Paterson vows revenge on her once beloved older brother, Kai, believing him responsible for the attack that killed their parents. But Kai has disappeared with a microchip containing deadly government research data.

Undercover agent Niko Andros will go to any length to get the microchip so he can trade it for his kidnapped aunt–including using Jenna as bait.


He holds her life in his hands...

Accused of murder and of stealing a lethal government microchip, SSU agent Kai Paterson finally has a lead on the true location of the chip. If he finds it before the government and the criminal elements chasing him, he has a chance to clear his name. But the chip has been implanted in the body of an innocent woman. Now Kai must choose between protecting the woman he loves and retrieving the chip.


Time is running out to save the man she loves...

SSU agent Rafe Andros is captured and put into a program designed to turn soldiers into mindless killing machines. His only hope for sanity lies with beautiful scientist Gabby Montague. But more is at stake than the life of the man Gabby has come to love. If she fails to unlock the critical information stored inside Rafe’s head, a deadly plan of retribution will kill hundreds of innocent people.

PAYBACK (Book 3.5 - Partially overlaps with Retribution)

A change of conscience leads a cold-hearted spy to risk his life for the woman he loves...

Ruthless CIA agent Mark Tonelli joins the black ops group Kerberos and discovers that there are some lines even he won’t cross. In order to stop an upcoming attack to be carried out by Kerberos’s scientifically enhanced soldiers, he teams up with investigative reporter Faith Andrews. He started off wanting revenge. He never counted on falling in love.


He’s tasked with keeping national secrets. Her job is to ferret them out. Falling in love could be deadly for them both…

When journalist Siobahn Murphy is almost killed because of her investigation into the death of the President, Ryker, the head of The Surgical Strike Unit, offers protection and quickly finds himself falling for the sexy, headstrong journalist.

Together they risk their lives to uncover the remaining elements of a conspiracy surrounding a deadly scientific program that began during the Vietnam War.

But Gabby isn't just racing to save the man she's come to love. There is critical information locked inside Rafe's mind. Only he can prevent the other subjects of the experiment from being loosed against an innocent population in a plan of retribution taken to deadly extremes. 

UNDERCOVER (Bonus Novella - Takes place before Vengeance)

In his quest for vengeance, he’s turned himself into a criminal…

To avenge the shooting that put his father in a wheelchair, Niko Andros spent five years undercover. This is the story of how Niko brought down Mexican crime lord Jaime Alvarez.

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